This use case recaps the various methods that were used for notification and data collection for the 2006 Colorado Division of Wildlife Waterfowl Season Preference Survey and provides examples of the automated IVR and online surveys that were used. The Waterfowl Season Preference Survey was conducted from January 14 to January 23, 2006 (10 days total). During this time, 2358 completed surveys were collected from a sample set of 5000 for a response rate of 47%.

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The Survey overview

At the heart of every survey is the sample list and one of the biggest challenges for wildlife agencies is the ability to manage the sample information that is located in multiple databases. As indicated below, the schema used in each database may vary from year to year or season to season. Corybant’s system is capable of managing data from multiple sample lists as indicated below.

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Additionally, just as the sample list may be maintained in separate databases, so may the previous reports. It is likely that the report schema is inconsistent and requires some “harmonization” as indicated below. Corybant’s patented technology is used to “harmonize” the information among various data sources.

Report Harmonization.png

Hunters with email addresses were notified twice by email and then by automated telephone. Hunters without email addresses were only included in automated telephone notifications. Up to 5 notifications were transmitted to eligible hunters.

The survey was available to hunters immediately via automated telephone or they could login online and take the survey online via a secure branded website. Examples of the call flow and online survey pages are included in this document. The survey questions were served up dynamically based on the hunters previous response.

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