Our Customers

  • You have bottom line responsibility and

  • You need to improve compliance NOW

  • Your budget just got slashed, your department still has the same workload, and your organization’s culture does not want or is fighting change

  • You rely on information from multiple locations and disparate systems with incompatible financial models and you need consistent and consolidated reports.

  • You need a solution that is commonplace but for some reason it is too expensive, too risky, takes too long, or creates other problems in your organization.


We Can Help You

We solve business problems quickly

When the 2nd largest concrete pumping company in the country needed to produce consolidated reports from 16 independent operating locations in order to comply with loan covenants, they called Corybant. Three weeks later, the new solution was working — producing the reports. The engagement was paid for in the first month by interest savings alone.

When History Colorado CEO realized that producing monthly regulatory and board reports was consuming 3 FTEs, they contacted Corybant. After a two hour review with History Colorado, Corybant devised a strategy that required minimal changes to existing operational processes. Less than a month later, the new automated reporting system was deployed and it freed up the 3 FTEs.

When the Colorado Department of Healthcare, Policy and Finance had less than 60 days to perform on a Federal HHS grant for piloting the Healthy Outcomes Survey for Medicaid, they called Corybant. In less than 45 days, the new multi-lingual telephone/mail outreach capability was used to conduct the surveys and produce the report.

We solve specific problems that need an immediate fix.

  • We recommend a short assessment to confirm needs – 10 days.

  • We give you a working document that you can use if you do not move forward with us.

  • Our initial engagement is 60 to 90 days after the assessment.


We solve the problems without collateral damage.

  • We find the savings to pay for your change.

  • We minimize disruption to other systems and need for training.

  • We implement and deploy whatever is needed to contain the problem.

  • We leave you with a working solution and metrics/dashboards to measure success.


Examples of the kinds of things we do

  • merge disparate financial reporting systems

  • harmonize policies such as merging cash and accrual systems

  • comply with loan covenants or other requirements for reporting

  • move all or parts of information systems or products to the cloud (e.g. to reduce costs and/or expand capabilities)

  • integrate legacy systems with cloud solutions

  • automate processes without disrupting operations

How do we get so much done so fast ?

  • We are experts in Data & Analytics and Strategy & Implementation. For over 25 years we have been developing and improving tools and techniques so that we can:
    • accept an engagement only when we know how to solve your problem

    • match our fee structure to fit your business model

    • make sure we are working on the real problem

    • keep what the problem is separate from how it is being solved

    • make the solution fit how your people work to limit disrupting your business


To review…

  • Who else in the systems business delivers in weeks, not years?

  • We don’t advise, report, or recommend. We solve problems in your environment

  • We have a lot of experience and references with large organizations..

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